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I love this theme because it makes my blog look deceptively cool and deep and stuff.

Perhaps it’s too early for me to be thinking about this…

(Ya think? Shut up cynical italics.)

But I keep wondering what a literary agent does. I always thought that they sold your novel to publishing companies for writers so that the writers could focus on writing.

(I would say that the word choice in that sentence was poor. Shut up critical italics.)

But since there appears to be no difference between a query sent to a publisher and a query sent to an agent… I’m not getting it. I mean, agents and publishers will both make offers that writers will then have to accept or decline. So aren’t agents then just some kind of middleman?

But then again, “About 50% of the human race is middlemen and they don’t take kindly to being eliminated.”

Oh, Malcolm Reynolds. So many life lessons you taught me.

August 31 @ 03:23
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